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Ron Paul on Face The Nation, Nov 11 2007
Ron Paul on ABC News, Nov 6 2007

Ron Paul on the Tonight Show, Oct 30 2007
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MSNBC Interview, Oct 24 2007
Legalize Freedom - Vote Ron Paul!

Ron Paul on PBS NewsHour, Oct 12 2007
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Ron Paul at USC, Sept 12 2007
Ron Paul in Fort Worth, Aug 31 2007

University of Michigan Supports Ron Paul
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CNN's Wolf Blitzer Interviews Ron Paul, Oct 04 2007
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The Ron Paul Freedom Train
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Ron Paul at Google, July 13 2007
At the Fox News Republican Debate, Sept 05 2007

Ron Paul: Our Power, Our Responsibility
Confessions of a Ron Paul Junkie

Students and Ron Paul: Duke University
Ron Paul on Stephen Colbert, June 13 2007

Ron Paul on Jon Stewart, June 06 2007
At the Texas Straw Poll 2007, Sept 01 2007

A Ron Paul Supporter
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Ron Paul: Bill Maher's New Hero
Stop Dreaming


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